trevorHi, I'm Charlotte. I'm 19 years old and I'm going to university to study law next year. I started lifesaving when I was 12. I was a competitive swimmer, and whilst I loved swimming, I did not love the commitment and time required for it - early morning sessions? No thank you! Lifesaving was a great way for me to still enjoy swimming, and be able to compete, but not commit myself to so much training. Over the years I've progressed from a rookie, to competitions, to publicity officer and now an instructor. It's been a really great progression, has looked great on my CV and personal statement, and I continue to enjoy my time spent with Blondie and the team. I've managed to achieve some useful certifications, including my life support 3 which is well recognised and very useful for the workplace and general life.

I love being an instructor as I get to see other people progress in the way I once did. Knowing you're giving out skills that could one day save a life is a great sense of achievement - I feel you gain many more lifeskills here than at a 'normal' sport.