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Important KLSC Documents

The current KLSC Constitution was updated at the AGM on the 7 Feb 2010. Click on the link to download a copy of the latest verion of the constitution...


As club members you have a "duty of care" towards yourself and other people. This means that you should not cause them injury through your own acts or omissions. Whilst involved in club activities we ask that you act responsibly at all times - in this way we hope to ensure that we can all enjoy our sport safely.

Click on the link to download the roles of each member on the committee...


Click on the link to download a poster advertising Keynsham Lifesaving Club...


These documents explain how you can use lifesaving at Keynsham Lifesaving Club to fulfill the requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme. If you want to use Lifesaving for your Duke of Edinburgh award it is essential that you speak to the Club Chairman before you start!



Disruptive behaviour during KLSC sessions is distracting for the instructor and other club members; and can compromise the quality and safety of our sessions. This document outlines the steps that our instructors will follow if a club member’s behaviour falls below the standards that we expect. Click on the link to download a copy of the Keynsham Lifesaving Club Disciplinary Procedure...