Welcome to “Survive & Save’ the brand new RLSS UK National Lifesaving Awards programme.

SandS AwardsThe Survive and Save programme is a suite of lifesaving awards that teach personal survival, rescue, sport, fitness, skills and knowledge to anyone over the age of 12. There are three levels (Bronze, Silver and Gold) with four award strands available at each level (Medallion, Beach, Stillwater and Sport). Each level also has a mandatory core element that candidates must complete before they attempt an award element at that level.

New candidates will join the scheme at Bronze level, starting with the Bronze Core element. Candidates with previous experience of lifesaving can join at the Silver level. The flexibility of the Survive and Save Programme enables candidates to specialise in their preferred award strand, or try a range of awards at each level – but candidates must complete the silver level award in a strand before they can complete the gold level (for example, a candidate must hold Silver Sport before they can complete Gold Sport). The highest award in the programme is the Distinction Award, which is automatically awarded to candidates who achieve 3 Gold level awards within 24 months.


The latest research indicates that most people who drown simply fall into the water and can’t get back out – the effects of cold water, steep banks and powerful currents mean that even strong swimmers can quickly get into difficulties. The new Survive and Save award places a much greater emphasis on self-rescue and survival skills. In addition to the familiar lifesaving rescue skills, the award also includes information about open-water sites, emergency management, first aid and lifesaving sport.

Experienced lifesavers will recognise many of the skills in the new award scheme, but there are also some significant changes. For example, the old categories of casualty (non-swimmer, weak swimmer, injured and unconscious) have been replaced with three new categories (panicking, non-panicking and unconscious) to better highlight the risk to the rescuer. Our team of fully Ressusqualified Lifesaving Instructors will help guide you through the changes.Manikin Carry

The RLSS has produced a brand new candidate pack to help guide candidates through the new awards. All candidates must have their own candidate pack, but this is the resource for all Bronze, Silver and Gold awards. The candidate pack is available for a special introductory price of just £24, which includes the cost of the first award assessment. Subsequent assessments cost £15. On successful completion of an award, the candidate will receive a certificate and medallion.