20210423 Portrait Rope ThrowKeynsham Lifesaving Club are pleased to announce that we’ll be resuming COVID-secure training on the 9th May. During this term, we’re offering new and existing members the opportunity to complete the Royal Life Saving Society’s Water Smart Award - all ready for summer

You’ll learn essential water safety skills, including how to spot hazards and stay safe in open water. We’ll teach you how to react if you see someone in difficulty in the water, and how to rescue them safely. You’ll get to try sample some lifesaving competition events, learn communication skills, and use specialised rescue equipment such as torpedo buoysthrow-bags and paddle boards.

The sessions will start in the familiar surroundings of the swimming pool then, as you progress, you’ll have the chance to put your skills into practice in a controlled open-water environment down on the River Avon. You’ll be guided and supported every step of the way by our team of expert instructors.

For full details, and to book your place, visit our bookings site at https://webcollect.org.uk/keynshamlsc/event/water-smart-course

David "Blondie" Fielding
Chairman - 23 Apr 2021